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In the 12A rated latest release a naked Daniel Craig walks in on the doomed Berenice Marlohe in the shower and they kiss.

But almost 50 years ago censors demanded that audiences should "clearly" see Bond wearing shorts and even called for the shower scene to be cut completely.

The peri-peri chicken and bottomless pots of fro-yo must have worked some magic as she managed to drag him away from his bachelor pad in Putney, just around the corner from his parents’, and they now live together in Notting Hill, where they cook pies every Sunday.

She assures me that Jack eventually upped his wining and dining game.

According to commentary on the DVD release of Thunderball, Peters’ short-lived acting career was the result of a disagreement between her and her agent.Next month Gemma will be starring in ; hence us sitting in the sunshine on the South Bank talking about the merits of being wooed over fast food.‘I don’t think it matters where you are or what you do,’ she says.For better or worse we live in the age of the superhero, and so Mendes’s film is less hardboiled spy saga than blistering comic-book escapade.The template here is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, a film that has almost singlehandedly reconfigured the modern blockbuster since its 2008 release, when it left Quantum of Solace bobbing in its wake.

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