Dating a girl who never had a boyfriend

Just a few months ago, I got a work in a Call Center. Twenty years old and a fresh graduate from college.

There are women who were pretty shy in high school and during the first year or two of college, and it delayed the start of their dating lives somewhat, but they got worked through the worst of it by their early twenties.

Take some time to think this question through please: Sometimes we act in ways that are against what we really want to achieve simply because we lack the courage of our convictions, or the creativity to see solutions that haven’t been handed to us on a platter.

Are you passively waiting around for men to approach you or are you taking charge of your situation by actively searching out the type of boy who would be healthy for you to become involved with? At a bar or party where people are looking to “see and be seen” — or in some sort of setting (like a club, volunteer group, religious group, etc.) where you’re likely to meet someone who actually shares your interests?

Because the single info about me that made the biggest impact on them was: I NEVER HAD A BOYFRIEND. And the biggest question was always, of course: WHY?? Elgort and all the self-proclaimed future wives of all the heartthrobs of this generation. Harry 'too-charming-to-be-human' Styles or any of the cutie-patootie on our TV screens ARE their actual and definite future husband. There are some badass girls who don't need a prince to slay their own dragons. They are the girls who are most likely to have no experience with relationships. Some are those who don't go out that much and would rather stay at home with their books or i Pods than go to parties and spend time with real (not virtual) people.

So let me put a rundown of 10 of the possible reasons why she, me, your friend, your crush, your classmate, your workmate or your pet hamster has NEVER, in her whole life or existence, had a BOYFRIEND. Some of us NBSBs (No Boyfriend Since Birth’s) can be experiencing the same thing. So of course, since you're already sure of your future spouse, you tend to reserve yourself. They are the ones who are independent enough to not care about boys. Even how hard they want to or attempt to jump out of their shells, they are just socially incapable of doing so.

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