Sql updating table definition

With OLEDB I had to make sure there was a key field, but in this instance I have defined a self incrementing integer field as an identity and it still is grayed out. I am developing a site using the express edition of all tools (VWD and SQL Express).

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To create a table, we must specify Table name, Column names their corresponding Column data types with the Column sizes and Constraints if any.Connection strings are okay and the ASPNETDB appears to be working okay - but not sure about that at this point in time.The other database that uses stored procedures and transactions works perfectly on my local computer.Well I can't see the full script, but it seems like you're adding a column with a value (identity) to an existing table, so the existing rows will have to grow.If there isn't space on the page, it will split, and you will end up with a very fragmented table (clustered index).

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