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I think I will wait a few weeks to see how well Garmin Express works with the new map update and also see if they do anything with Map Updater as a result. I was able to download and install to the SD card in about 25 minutes, which is about 1/3 of the time it normally takes to install through the 660 nuvi. It saw the SD card as the Nuvi, just like it did last week... In response to Alanb's comment above, Garmin Express worked great for me this PM as I downloaded and installed 2013.4 on my nuvi 260w.Easy GPS is the free, easy way to upload and download waypoints, routes, and tracks between your Garmin nüvi 660 GPS and your Windows computer or laptop.Browse Garmin nüvi 660 tips by category: Garmin Data Upload and Download, Map Making, Adding Waypoints and POIs, Coordinate Conversion, Google Earth and KML, Arc GIS and Shapefiles, Auto CAD DXF, Creating a Custom Garmin Basemap, Downloading updates for your Garmin nüvi 660 Download a fully-featured trial of Expert GPS, or buy your copy today.I did save a link to the steps necessary to download a map to an SD card in a Nuvi 660, but it's a bit un-clear as to the steps.I have considered writing up the cloning method as a FAQ. If there is a difference in Map Loading speed, I did not see it...What has held me back is my suspicion that Garmin is trying to eliminate the manual Map Updater program, first with Lifetime Map Updater (which was a total failure) and now with Garmin Express. As I was downloading the maps I noticed that they were 2013.40 in size... So this 'fix' came at the best time it could have!!

Get the gps , register it on Garmin website, make an account ,and get the latest updates for free .Thousands of businesses and GPS users depend on Expert GPS mapping software to upload and download Garmin nüvi 660 waypoints, routes, and tracks, make maps of their GPS data over seamless USGS topo maps and aerial photos, and convert and transfer Garmin nüvi 660 data to and from Excel, Google Earth, Arc GIS, and Auto CAD.We've collected dozens of tips and tricks designed to save you time and money when mapping with your Garmin nüvi 660.Following the same steps (choosing continent, region, country) you will get free maps that can be used as soon as you copy them to your satnav.Expert GPS is GPS map software for your Windows computer, tablet, or laptop.

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