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Move the zip file to a location where you would like to install Web Start.Sun recommends that this location be outside the JDK or JRE directory structure.In this section, we will learn how exceptions are handled in java.

When the exception occurs in a method, the process of creating the exception object and handing it over to runtime environment is called “throwing the exception”.

We don’t like exceptions but we always have to deal with them, great news is that Exception handling in Java is very robust and easy to understand and use.

Exceptions in java can arise from different kind of situations such as wrong data entered by user, hardware failure, network connection failure, Database server down etc.

The grammar is specified for javacc version 5.0 because that tool generates standalone parsers that do not require a separate runtime.

A plain undecorated grammer that can be used for validation is available in grammar/Lua52while a grammar that generates a typed parse tree is in grammar/Lua The default lu compiler does a single-pass compile of lua source to lua bytecode, so no explicit parse tree is produced.

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