Updating properties file java

Thanks Arup Properties file is nothing but a simple file.

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Using this, I am able to retrieve the values of properties but now I want to update the values of some properties and i am not able to do it. Here, is the code: Input Stream input Stream = Class()Class Loader() Resource As Stream("Publish Date.properties"); final Abstract File Configuration file Configuration = new Properties Configuration( "Publish Date.properties" ); file Property( "last Htl Process Publish Date", date Formatter.format ( new Date() ) ); file Configuration.save(); Hi,i updated my code: Properties Configuration config = new Properties Configuration("Publish Date.properties"); Property("last Htl Process Publish Date",date Formatter‌​.format(new Date()) ); config.save(); but I am getting this on console: Exception in thread "Thread-1"

No Class Def Found Error: org/apache/commons/configuration/Properties Configuration at com.galileo.localdata.servlets. Class Not Found Exception: org.apache.commons.configuration.

MVSData Servlet.run(MVSData Ser‌​vlet.java:176) at

To set the path permanently, set the path in your startup file.

I didn't get the expected [email protected] Sorry I can't test it right now, but I thought it should work because there is a annotation at the header of the website where you can see: "Last Published: 08 February 2017|Version: 2.1.1" It's quite confusing, but you can still use older versions.When you change the Edit field value for the key, this means adding a new key.Then perform Step * Delete a key from a file Uncheck the check mark from the field next to Edit. The key identifies, and is used to retrieve, the value, much as a variable name is used to retrieve the variable's value.For example, an application capable of downloading files might use a property named "Directory" to keep track of the directory used for the last download.

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