Updating split entry

For example, the converted mana cost of Breaking // Entering is simultaneously both two from Breaking and six from Entering. Once the rule officially updates with the release of You're probably wondering why this matters, and the truth is that if you are playing split cards "fairly" (i.e., just casting them normally from your hand), you won't even notice this rules change.

On the other hand, changing the converted mana cost of split cards does kill some decks that were playing these cards unfairly.

You can split assets by units, dollars, or percentage., we're getting a rules change due to the new aftermath split cards.Currently, the converted mana cost of a split card is simultaneously both of the converted mana costs of each half.Moving forward, decks like Expertise Fuse Reanimator and Esper Bird Brains in Modern will simply no longer exist taking the aftermath cards as an opportunity to clean up a confusing rule and also to protect Standard from weird interactions between aftermath and things like Goblin Dark-Dwellers and As Foretold.So, say goodbye to these Modern decks: Note, an Aftermath card is still "both types" when it comes to Torrential Gearhulk, meaning you can cast the Sorcery half of Destined // Lead off of a Torrential Gearhulk (anytime you could cast a Sorcery).

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