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But still, I’d like to look at something other than these four walls.

In fact, I’d like my old life back and a reason to take a vacation. What was happening in one warehouse would have covered what most cities considered an arts festival, but this event takes over We just stayed within the limits of where the complimentary trolley traveled.

Now, with 12 albums, 19 top-ten singles and a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame under her belt, the Calgary native is still determined to make her mark with a fresh take on classic Christmas songs.

It’s not every day an artist and producer of this calibre join forces, let alone on something like a holiday album.

However, fans of both Arden and Rock needn’t be worried.

Well, this may be one instance where history is re-written for the better.

This week on Twitter, @nattieskiddo asked me what I do on my days off. on the rare occasion that I do get time off, it's heavenly to say the least.

I usually fantasize about sleeping in my own bed, wearing old, over-sized sweatpants, and doing absolutely nothing except taking endless selfies with my cats. That said, there are exceptions, and the Calgary Stampede is one of them.

I got into my rental car and drove straight to Edworthy Park, where I knew if I didn't go running along the Bow River, I'd regret it all night. The sun, the sky and the air were just right, and I hit the ground running like a flying wombat to my favourite Jann Arden song: 'Insensitive.' Speaking of Jann Arden, I had a chance to catch up with the Canadian music icon (and someone I call a friend) while I was in town. Jann was this year’s host of the grandstand show at the Stampede and is such a great representative of the city and of strong Canadian women. After losing my uncle Smith Hart to prostate cancer a few weeks back, I also made time for what I most look forward to in Calgary: connecting with my family.

(If you read this column with any regularity, you’re now familiar with Edworthy Park. Naturally, music and the Stampede took a backseat to wrestling talk. The Hart family, while at times very dysfunctional, is a very close-knit bunch.

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